Condom sizes

My anacondom don’t want none unless you use protection hun

LOLwhere could one find these? :)


My anacondom don’t want none unless you use protection hun

where could one find these? :)

Czech condom store came up with a clever marketing campaign called.

Naked men are shown in dangerous situations with a slogan:

Don’t be stupid

Protect yourself

clever way to illustrate how dangerous it might be to indulge in sexual acts without protection

Follow condom sizes:




Is this the thinnest condom in the world?

When it comes to personal levels of intimacy, caution is of paramount importance, more so in the case of individuals who tend to switch partners often. Even the settled ones need to take necessary steps to ensure that the possibility of unwanted pregnancy is eliminated. This is where condoms come into picture. Condoms, with its ability to stop unwanted pregnancy and transmission of diseases, has now become a must have for all those headed for a night of fun and frolic!

However, there is one essential drawback that has curtailed to penetration of condoms – its thickness. Yes, condoms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors and even textures, but the one factor that separates it from compete endorsement by a large chunk of the population is the thickness, certainly an Achilles’ heel of the product! Thicker condoms not only make the process of wearing it a hassle, it also makes the wearer feel lower levels of erotic sensation.

This was acknowledged by a wide variety of condoms manufacturers. Few of them managed to create thinner version of condoms. Some fared well, the others could not work well under the intense stress and often led to condom failure! 

BUT NOW this problem might have been solved! 

I’m presenting you the thinnest condom in the world - Sagami Original 0.01

Only 18 micrones thin (regular thin condom is 50 micrones)



more pictures at:

So true… :)
get your fit

So true… :)

get your fit

From the forums…smaller condoms

Reading some forum discussions. Here’s what people are talking about smaller condoms.

"As long as the woman you are having sex with does not go condom shopping with you she won’t most likely notice that you are wearing a smaller condom. You should also not be ashamed of the size of your penis every penis is different and the penis comes in all sizes and if you are smaller then the normal brand condoms that you can buy then just buy the smaller condoms and be happy you are still having sex because that is what a condom is used for anyway."

And also:

"Buying condoms is not all that expensive but once you have figured out your size of condom you can start buying good condoms that have lubricants and flavors remember a condom can break if it is not lubricated so make sure to lubricate the condom in any way you can with lubricant or saliva but I would suggest lubricant because lubricant is going to stay wet unlike saliva which will dry up quick. "

Well, more all less I’d agree..except for that saliva part in the end…don’t do that :)

But, if you want to learn more about this condom type, I’d suggest you visit

Trojan Brand condoms - a must for safe sex?

One can never overlook the need of a condom in safe sex. A condom acts as a barrier to check the flow of sperms from the male sex organ to that of the female. Not only it helps in avoiding a pregnancy, it stops many sexually transmitted diseases. A Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms is one of its kinds and gives a more enhanced experience.

What’s so special about it?

Trojan Natural LambTrojan natural lamb condoms are acclaimed as the only condom with natural skin. These are best for couples who love having a skin to skin feel during a sexual intercourse. Such light weighed intimacy can simply not be derived from any other condom. The brand promises high quality and the condoms are latex free. Thus, one can surely relieve from fears of unintended pregnancy. As, these condoms are latex free, they are mostly sought after by latex sensitive people. The lubricants in use are water based and thus, provide increased comfort. However, such condoms are mostly effective for checking pregnancies yet, not for stopping STDs. These condoms are reliable and individually tested. They carry good bands to hold the condom in right place. Give them a try if you’re in a monogamous relationship!

Check them at

Don Giovanni. Comming soon.

We know that condom ads are usually provocative, but people from English National Opera thought that they could place an used condom on their ad for Mozart’s Opera in order to portray the idea of Don Giovanni in  a witty way.

Here’s how that looks like:

(Image from user@Georgios 1978)

(Image from user@Georgios 1978)

What do others say? Well, some say it’s hilarious others it’s ridiculous.

But I guess they got what they wanted - attention.

So I’d say that marketing campaing is a success.

Condom shapes and sizes

As you probably know condoms come in various shapes and sizes. There are also condoms that come with different flavors. Some condoms are regularly shaped and can give a great fit. Some condoms come flared which is wider over the head of the penis. At the same time, there are condoms that are ribbed which is designed to increase sensation for both partners.

Choice of condoms is a matter of personal preference to enhance pleasure. The usage of the condom should satisfy both partners. It is important to communicate on the type of condom to use.

The best condoms that you can find generally depend on your preference. It is important to look at the expiry date when using them. The efficacy of condoms decline if they are expired. Condoms’ quality also deteriorates if they are improperly stored. Direct heat or light may affect the ability of a condom to perform properly. Store them in a cool and dry place. 

Keep them always besides your bed and never compromise your safety ;)

Check out this funny Trojan magnum commercial 

Today’s condoms are designed and manufactured to suit everyone

"A condom reduces sexual pleasure.", "It is better without the rubber.", "Condom makes me loose my erection", "I didn’t have enough time to buy it." - How many times have you heard these excuses and grumblings?

Hopefully not too often, and also hope that you have remained firm in your views and explained your guy to stop whining about how using condoms is not manly, not to mention sexy.
A condom is not a modern weapon that women invented to punish the modern man, but they are about the protection that exists almost since always, even when our ancestors lived in caves. Today’s condoms are designed and manufactured to fit everyone, have a great ability to stretch and are extremely durable (eg latest Fetherlite Ultima can hold 21 liters of air).

You may have heard about the condom manufacturer from Japan by the name Okamoto. I want to point you to one popular condom by Okamoto called Crown Skinless Skin condom. It receives a lot of positive ratings, you might wanna try it out if you haven’t.
 If you however use it, please rate it at the site

First Condom action movie


I just stumbled upon the first condom action movie.

They’ve got some nice karate moves so I thouth I’ll share this short amateur

work which promotes safe sex in a fun way

The plot: In year 2020 government have banned condoms. Underground networks have arisen to help smuggle condoms to desperate communities. :)

Check it out


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