Condom sizes
Condom shapes and sizes

As you probably know condoms come in various shapes and sizes. There are also condoms that come with different flavors. Some condoms are regularly shaped and can give a great fit. Some condoms come flared which is wider over the head of the penis. At the same time, there are condoms that are ribbed which is designed to increase sensation for both partners.

Choice of condoms is a matter of personal preference to enhance pleasure. The usage of the condom should satisfy both partners. It is important to communicate on the type of condom to use.

The best condoms that you can find generally depend on your preference. It is important to look at the expiry date when using them. The efficacy of condoms decline if they are expired. Condoms’ quality also deteriorates if they are improperly stored. Direct heat or light may affect the ability of a condom to perform properly. Store them in a cool and dry place. 

Keep them always besides your bed and never compromise your safety ;)

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